The Airgrinder Recycling Systems

The AIRGRINDER with its innovative new technology works reliably well especially where no other technology can. Grinding, crushing and drying in a few seconds and tons of material in around an hour.

A heightened environmental awareness, due to the impacts of climate change and increasing CO/2 in the atmosphere, as well as politically unstable oil markets, has accelerated the development of new recycling technologies and re-usable energy sources. The AIRGRINDER has the potential to revolutionise the worldwide recycling industry and recycled goods market. AIRGRINDER works by generating an artificial tornadoes inside a metal casing that grinds and dries a variety of raw materials to the smallest particles and the within the shortest possible time.

So far many differing waste products from diverse industries can be dried, crushed or ground that were previously thought not able to be processed. After the AIRGRINDER process is complete the various processed materials are relatively easy to separate and recycle, a function in itself that also opens additional market opportunities for these processed materials.

The AIRGRINDER project is a joint venture with Midroc Europe, the previous owners, which these rights and patents now in the common AIRGRINDER AG brings. The AIRGRINDER is now ready for the market and is running in some experimental facilities. Currently final engineering steps are being development and verified to suit industry-specific solutions. In particular regarding the sorting and handling of the processed milled material after the AIRGRINDER process is complete which will lead to the successful recovery of milled and dried commodities.

The AIRGRINDER has enormous worldwide potential, but not only in the recycling industry, because there are only very few comparable technologies known but which are much less efficient and after intensive research have proven not yet ready for the market. The greatest advantage in the AIRGRINDER is specifically when it comes to the handling of damp or wet materials. In many applications very short-term ROI is possible creating good market opportunities.


The controlled use of the tornado opens completely new applications. The unique phenomenon of the material being processed at the same time as being milled it is also dried. No other technology is previously able to do this.


The project team currently works on processing solutions focused on uses in the food industry (egg shells, offal, coffee capsules etc.). In addition, experiments are continuing in the area of the paper recycling industry and market-ready applications such as in glass recycling, that are now ready to be sold. In conjunction to these tests we are in the process of developing fully functioning test laboratories for customer-specific adaptations to the currently developed basic system.

In order to provide the world-wide market of each segment commodity with verified process results our new secure test facilities performance is critical to be able to operate effectively in these new markets. The potential uses for the AIRGRINDERS processable products and the markets that they come from are extremely versatile, but it is here in the first instance where we need to focus on the already succesfully tested products applications and markets.


One of the bigger challenges of the last few years has been the recycling of the increasingly popular coffee capsules. A prime example for the AIRGRINDER, the moisture in the capsules causes the current, very complex recycling process, enormous problems, however the AIRGRINDER is easily able to process them. The AIRGRINDER granulates and dries the capsules within a few seconds and the now dry coffee powder and the plastic and aluminium particles are separated and can be individually reused in profitable recycling programs.

Egg shells are a difficult commodity that others have had problems processing which is made easy using the AIRGRINDER system. A European research program with the aim of a technical solution for the separation of collagen and egg shells was started in 2011 and had to be terminated after 5 years of unsuccessful trials.

The AIRGRINDER however is easily able to process egg shells in a one step application and is now ready for the market.

The first plants are expected to be ready after a few months after the customer has finished the set up and commissioned the operation of the AIRGRINDERS. The base AIRGRINDER units are made in conjunction with JV partner Midroc and produced in Sweden and therefore can be delivered within a few months. AIRGRINDER is responsible for marketing and sales, the process engineering and the installation.

How it works



Unique in the world market. Enormously broad application field. Market advantage over conventional very expensive processes. For some applications the AIRGRINDER is market ready.


Countless opportunities for new markets applications are still not known. Production is possible locally.


From coffee capsules come plastic chips, dry coffee powder and aluminum particles, these materials are easily separable as the various particle sizes can be separated by sieve. Today's recycling plants for coffee capsules fill entire halls of different process chains, AIRGRINDER does this alone.


From egg shells comes high-quality collagen and calcium powder. Collagen is a popular raw material in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, while calcium powder as animal feed gets good commercial results. Even today, collagen is still manually taken from the egg shells (China)! A medium-sized AIRGRINDER creates a ton of egg shells the hour!

Egg shells quickly turn into dry powder and the useful collagen membrane can then be seperated!
Egg shells quickly turn into dry powder and the useful collagen membrane can then be seperated!



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